Patricia Kirkland is drawn to Greek sculpture, Renaissance paintings and ancient healing practices. Her visceral sensibilities inform a collection of silver and gold jewelry of a delicate and personal nature.

Tricia comes from the Lake District of north England. 


This feeling of connectivity is subtly interwoven throughout her collection. Perfection is not the point. Tricia’s process is internal. Intuitive. Rather than starting with a destination in mind, it unfolds between artist and medium, coming to life the way a sculpture emerges from stone. 

Tricia studied the art of lost-wax casting with master craftsman Fred de Vos. Her signature shapes are stylistic interpretations of natural and primitive forms. A simple pod is elegantly elongated, or repeated to become a fluid cross. A ring reminiscent of a 4th century Byzantine jewel feels both old-world and new. Each piece has a soft matte finish, as smooth as timeworn stone.

But to Tricia, the journey is not complete until each piece has found a home. “It is my biggest pleasure to see a piece being worn and loved,” she says.

Tricia works from her studio in Brooklyn New York